The content of this blog focusses primarily on process reliability.  Again, the United States can compete in a global market by having a more efficient process.  We cannot compete with employee and environmental costs, so reliability becomes and effective strategy.   In order to do this you must have reliability in all aspects of your process.  I continue to be amazed how many plants continue to use antiquated process technology.  This is slowly making you less competitive.  Reliability is no failure.

Within the realm of process instrumentation there is a lot of new technology that has been developed even in the last 10 years.  Most of the current portfolio of products are populated with new technology.  With this comes higher performance, better accuracy and, most importantly, greater reliability.

There is a modest investment associated with updating your control technology.  Along with better performance you get a lower initial cost.  If the computer industry taught us anything, new technology must be smaller, faster, cheaper and better.

The best place to start, of course, is with you main process equipment.  Any technology that is more then 10 years old is subject to improvement.  If it is critical to the process, review what technology is available for it.  You find a dramatic improvement with litter investment.  Of course, your old stuff may work just fine.

The point here is even 10-year-old technology in dramatically impacting your process reliability.  It behooves you to spend some time with it.

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