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In his book The Law of Success Napoleon Hill presents a story of Charles Schwab and his success with the United States Steel Company.  Charles started out as a laborer and always did more than asked to and did it with a great attitude.  It was so noticeable that it caught the attention of Andrew Carnegie.  Over time, Charles was promoted to various roles and always displayed the same characteristics.  Eventually, Charles became president of U.S. Steel with a salary of $75,000.  There were times when he was paid a bonus as much as $1 million.  The salary was for the work he was paid to do.  The bonus was for the extra work as well as the work he got others to do.  In the end he was able to earn much in one year than he would have in a lifetime as a laborer.  In my opinion Charles was reliable, available and profitable.

I have discussed how a reliability strategy must be implemented throughout a process plant organization.  Everyone in operations, management as well as maintenance should be communicating and executing this strategy.  Process reliability is more than a piece of software and a form to be completed.  It is an attitude that must be adopted by all.  In order for it to be successful, people must do more than asked and do it with a great attitude.  This includes all of the aforementioned groups of people.

How much are you contributing to the reliability of your plant?  Are you doing more than asked?  Are you doing it with a great attitude?  In the same book by Napoleon Hill it becomes clear that serviced must be rendered first before any compensation will be realized.  And it must be given substantially before significant compensation is earned.

The main focus of my articles is that American manufacturing companies can compete globally by improving their process reliability and availability.  We do not have the same environmental and labor costs as other locations.  Sadly, all too often, we continue to do the same things.  In order to compete, we must bring value to everything we do.  We must do more than asked and with a great attitude.  That not only make a process plant reliable, available and profitable, it makes YOU reliable, available and profitable!

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