collaboration“Active collaboration is fundamental success strategy. Preventing it is a strategy for failure. ”  This is a recent Tweet of mine based on an experience I had with a local manufacturer.  While I prefer to gain new customers through earning referrals there continue to be times when I cold call.  Here is what happened.  I stopped at the guard shack and stated who I was and what I did and that I didn’t have an appointment with anyone.  I then asked who the person is responsible for the operations and maintenance in the utility area.  I was advised by the guard that she was not allowed to give out any names or contact information.  As a seasoned sales person, it is not the first time this has happened. Sadly, it likely won’t be the last.  It has been my experience that successful companies welcome people that can help them grow their business.  Active collaboration is a fundamental success strategy.

This is a manufacturer that is facing fierce global competition and actively prevents people from helping them.  I can ‘t help but wonder how many other people, who could truly help this company succeed, have received the same treatment.  I am more curious if their competitors have adopted a collaboration strategy which has contributed to their success.  Furthermore, it is fascinating to me that this same manufacturer is the benefactor of tariff protection to keep foreign manufacturers out of the domestic market.  Corporate cultures truly dictate whether a company survives.  In my opinion, this one is in trouble.

There are many industries, including the process industry, that is in a similar situation as this manufacturer.  However, the companies that are surviving are working with many people to ensure they have the best technology and utilize the best practices.  They have adopted a culture whereby outside people can provide a benefit to the company and need to utilize them whenever possible.  They have even worked with domestic competitors to achieve global success.  It is all about collaboration.

My desire is to help companies develop strategies to complete globally.  My motto is “Reliable.  Available.  Profitable.”  and my tag line is “Reliability is No Failure”.  I have employed a strategy that through reliability and availability, companies can compete and remain profitable.  This even includes working with competitors to develop the best solutions that exactly meets their needs.  Collaboration is a necessity to survive.  Preventing collaboration is a strategy for failure.  I encourage companies to adopt a culture of collaboration.

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