In order for reliability to be effective at a process plant it must be adopted by all departments.  While reliability is generally developed in maintenance, other groups such as operations, engineering and purchasing all need to be aware of the strategies and metrics.  While each of these groups need to be aware of what the other is doing, reliability tends to be the most overlooked.

For example an electrical maintenance group has established a strategy for instrument and control support.  Engineering specifies equipment that does not meet this strategy.  The same is true if procurement  purchases equipment that maintenance cannot support and engineering did not specify.  In other words, if support is given with Brand X and engineering specifies Brand Y and procurement purchases Brand Z, there is a major breakdown in reliability.  In this event your reliability has failed.

The best way to ensure that reliability is adopted is to communicate this strategy to other departments.  It must be done at both the management level as well as the plant floor.  Posting metrics about reliability (plant availability, etc.) will keep people aware of both the results and strategy.  Again, reliability is no failure.

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