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Now that you have your Reliability Resolutions for 2012 and will be using Advanced Diagnostics, Best Practices and New Technology to improve you reliability, it’s time for a project.  One of the biggest challenges for  a company is to execute a project that stays on time and stays under budget.  While there are many causes for projects to take longer and cost more there are several ways you can mitigate this.  Wireless technology dramatically improves your project commission time.

From an initial cost standpoint, capital equipment will consume a fair amount of a project budget.  Large pieces of equipment, like turbomachinery, are expensive and require considerable infrastructure.  However, once these are installed, a significant amount of labor and materials is required to connect the process to the rest of the plant.  Process piping comes next on the list as it isn’t cheap to install and there is a lot of it.  Once this is all done, electrical and controls are needed.  This is where wireless technology comes in.

A substantial amount of conduit and wire required for a wired control system.  Wire is needed from the I/O cabinet to the marshaling cabinet.  Wire is then needed from the marshaling cabinet to the device in the field.  Wire must be run through a conduit and distributed through control panels.  Along with the material cost, there is labor required to pull a wire from every instrument in the field to the control room.  It takes a lot of time to perform all this work and can jeopardize completing your on-time completion.

The wireless solution is much easier to execute.  Rather than pulling wire for every field device there is a single ethernet connection to your I/O cabinet.  The gateway controls the field network automatically.  Depending on the host system, the field devices will need to be mapped to your control system.  However, in “wireless ready” hosts, this is done automatically.  Commissioning field devices is as simple as installing the power module.  The cost savings for material and labor is tremendous.  It also allows for simple installation of future devices.  Most importantly, your project stays on time.

Not all field devices can be powered internally and require field wiring.  However, you can add wireless functionality to any powered device with the additional of a WirelessHART adapter.  Power is already in the field for other equipment like motors and lighting.  While is does require some material and labor, it is much less than required for a completely wired installation.

Wireless technology is one way to execute a project faster and under budget.  The contract labor is out of the field sooner and the plant is operating faster than expected.  The investment is considerably less and done in less time.  Wireless technology dramatically improves your project commission time.

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