Potential Leak Points for Impulse PipingIt has been the standard for years to utilize impulse piping for pressure measurements.  Often times piping was overhead and it was desirable to have the instrument at grade so instrument technicians could perform maintenance on this.  Impulse piping is normally used to achieve this (that’s the way we’ve always done it).  It is convenient for maintenance, but detrimental to the measurement.  Integral solutions are a much better choice.

First and foremost, impulse piping slows down the speed of response for the process measurement.  With the length of the line and the number of elbows, there is a transient time between pressure changes in the process and detection on the sensor.  You have just invested in a highly accurate and fast transmitter only to slow it down.  Integral solutions are mounted right on the process.

Installation of impulse piping requires takes a significant amount of time and money.  Someone has to buy the material and assemble it.  Given the demand of workforce, time is not being spent just getting an instrument connected to your process.  Integral solutions only require a process connection, which you will have to have anyway.

Finally, impulse piping creates potential leak paths.  With all of the fittings that are used there is a significant chance that one of these will leak.  This is realized through loss of product, a reduction in efficiency and possible worker exposure.  Integral solutions only have the process connection.

Low and High temperature applications can be mitigated through the use of extended shafts or with a process seal.

Taking advantage of remote displays, you can use a “blind” transmitter without a display and mount an indicator at grade.  You can also mount a junction box in the field with access for all instruments in a unit.  With the use of PLCs and DCSs often times calibration and troubleshooting can be done from the I/O.  There is not as much need to remote mount transmitter.

Save time, money, reduce potential leaks and possible exposure with the use of integral mounting withtransmitters.

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