2012 Reliability Resolutions

What are your reliability resolutions for 2012?  What are you going to change in your process to ensure a reliable, available and profitable plant?  I started this group as a result of my experience during 2009 to present strategies for a successful process plant.  In a global economy the United States cannot compete in terms of environmental and personnel.  While energy costs are historically low, an energy strategy is not sustainable.  Energy costs will eventually go back up.  Improving reliability will take much more work, but it is more assured of long term success.  How will 2012 be different for you?

The three reliability strategies I present most often are using diagnostic information, applying best practices and upgrading technology.  These strategies are not only appropriate for process control and instrumentation, they can be applied to many other aspects of your process.  However, it will require education, investment and desire to behave in a different way.

These is a host of diagnostic information that is currently available.  Unfortunately, it is seldom realized.  Most equipment needs to be interrogated in order to capture this data.  By automating this process the diagnostic information is provided in a useable format so that equipment can be better utilized.

While applying engineering best practices would seem obvious it is seldom the case.  There continue to be many instances of people not applying technology correctly.  It is frustrating to both manufacturers and end users as expect ions are not met with the acquisition of new equipment.  Education is the best solution.

Finally, new technology can dramatically improve your process.  There continues to be a tremendous amount of innovation and technology that is ten years old can be replaced with a substantial improvement.  You don’t have to replace equipment that is currently working, but if there is an opportunity to replace damaged equipment, new technology should definitely be considered.

My goal is to help you develop your reliability resolutions for 2012 and beyond.  Keep in mind these strategies must be executed at all levels of your plant including management, operations and maintenance.  The information presented here is designed to apply to all manufacturers and solutions providers.  Have a great 2012!

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