Within the business of process instrumentation manufacturers have developed multiple tiered products.  Generally, these are classified as premium, core and conventional (from highest to lowest).  The premium products will offer features and functions not available on other products.  Naturally, they come at a higher price, but, if properly applied can result in a lower cost of ownership.

Throughout a process there are general service applications and critical applications.  While these are various definitions for general and critical, it is commonly understood the delineation between them.  In other words much time has been spent understanding the process and what processes/applications are critical.

One strategy is to use the premium products for safety, quality and operational critical applications, core products for applications requiring improved reliability and conventional tier for general applications.  An example using a pressure transmitter would be for compressor shutdown, reactor pressure and cooling water pump discharge, respectively.

Since your project and maintenance budgets are finite, maximizing the spend in each of these applications should be realized.  While manufactures would like you to use all premium tier products, the dollars can be better utilized using product tiering.  There is a diminishing return on the investment moving from a lower core to a higher core and this should be considered at your plant.

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